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Michigan Parkinson Foundation (MPF), founded in 1983, is a non-profit corporation, with 36 affiliated support groups throughout the State of Michigan. MPF's goals are to promote education, support and research. Services include: information and referral to local resources, neurologist referrals, medication assistance, adult day services assistance, educational forums for people with Parkinson's and their families as well as health care professionals, advocacy, and student research grants. A quarterly newsletter is also published.

The Henry Ford Health System's Department of Neurology conducts clinics in Parkinson disease and other movement disorders at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Allen Park and West Bloomfield. The Division of Movement Disorders and the entire department of Neurology are involved in the education of medical students and resident and community physicians, allied health professionals, and patients and caregivers with Parkinson's disease and related disorders. In addition to its clinical and educational activities, research in Parkinson's disease is conducted, particularly work centered on discovering its causes.

Michigan State University's Parkinson's Disease Clinic is one of several specialty Neurology Clinics available through the Department of Neurology. Patients are referred from around the state for evaluation and management of Parkinson's disease and related Movement Disorders. Faculty provide education and training for medical doctors, osteopaths, and other allied health professionals. There are six campuses for the school of human health and eighteen for the school of osteopathic medicine.

University of Michigan's Movement Disorders Clinic provides coordinated clinical management for patients with Parkinson's and other movement disorders. The clinic, run by the M-M Department of Neurology, is held in the U-M Health System's Geriatrics Center. In addition to leading-edge standard treatment, patients may elect to take part in research protocols and clinical trials of new and developing approaches. Such clinical research, and related basic science investigation, forms an integral part of the U-M faculty's work in movement disorders, along with patient care and the education of current and future physicians, and of other healthcare professionals.

Wayne State University has movement disorder clinics at the University Health Center of the Detroit Medical Center and at the John D. Dingell Veterans Administration Medical Center in downtown Detroit. Patients are referred from around the state. In addition to patient care, faculty are involved in educating and training medical students, physicians, and allied health professionals, and are active in basic science and clinical research.

St. John Hospital's Parkinson and Movement Disorder Clinic in Detroit is affiliated with Wayne State University. Attending physicians involved in the Clinic are on faculty at WSU. The Parkinson's Clinic provides for comprehensive evaluation by a multidisciplinary team comprised of a movement disorder specialist, physiatrist, a neurosurgeon (if required), a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist. Patients see all team members in one afternoon session.

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