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A Parkinson’s Support Group Is…

A group of people who meet together to learn more about PD and the services available for people affected by this condition. Who knows more about PD than the people who live with it and their partners who help? A group brings together people with a common bond. After attending a meeting, so many people say, “And I thought I was the only one with this problem.” Groups include people with PD, care partners, friends, families and health professionals.

For a complete list of Michigan Parkinson Foundation Support Groups, visit MPF Support GroupsSupport Groups are listed by Counties in Michigan. OR Call 800-852-9781, Ext. 13

You don't need to leave your home, just call in and connect with others who are dealing with the same issues you are.

Meets on selected Tuesday evenings

at 7:00 pm

Upcoming meeting dates:

February 5, 19 and March 5, 2019

At 7:00 pm, dial 888-387-8686

The operator will ask you for a

participant code. Dial 274-290-7005

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