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Are You Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson's?

Join an innovative program designed to help you manage PD and improve quality of life.

WHAT IS PD SELF? A national pilot program of the Parkinson’s Foundation that provides people with Parkinson’s an in-depth understanding of the disease and the self-efficacy tools to manage it with confidence.
WHO IS ELIGIBLE? People with Parkinson’s and their care partners within three years of diagnosis who can commit to a nine-session program.
WHAT IS SELF-EFFICACY? The ability to have influence over the conditions that affect our lives. A scientifically-based approach that is effective in helping people with Parkinson’s to develop the motivation and skills to manage PD.
WHO DELIVERS THE PROGRAM? A health care professional and a person with Parkinson’s both trained in the application of self-efficacy for Parkinson’s.
HOW OFTEN DOES IT MEET? The 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 1 PM to 3:30 PM, starting on September 13th. The program lasts nine months. There is no cost to attend. Space is limited.
To learn more about PD SELF, contact the Michigan Parkinson Foundation (MPF) at 248-433-1011. PD SELF is being
conducted in collaboration with National Parkinson Foundation and the Michigan Parkinson Foundation.
The program takes place at the MPF office, located at 30400 Telegraph, Bingham Farms, MI 48025

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