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Support Group Changes as of June 15, 2016

We thank the more than 100 people who volunteer their time and talents to be support Group Facilitators for their dedication and hard work.  They do much more than organizing and conducting monthly meetings for people with PD and their families and friends.  We know you appreciate them as well. 

The purposes of these groups are to help people to understand more about what PD is, how to manage the many aspects of living with it, and to provide emotional and social support to those affected by PD.  During the winter season, several of the groups will not meet, due to the hardships imposed by weather and becuase many people chase the sun.  Please check before attending meetings by calling the facilitators (informaiton on the support group map and in the calendar of events) or Michigan Parkinson Foundation (248-433-1011).  

The number of support groups continues to grow as people recognize the value of the education and comradarie they provide.  Here is a listing:

New Support Groups

Iosco County (East Tawas)        Meets the 3rd Wednesday at 11:00 am        Tawas Area Presbyterian Church, 2095 US-23, East Tawas, MI 48730        Contact Rachel Haviland:  (989)545-6049

Grand Rapids Hauenstein Dementia Caregivers Support Group        Meets the 4th Tuesday at 10:30 am       Hauenstein NEurosciences:  245 Cherry Street.  First Floor cherry Conference Room, Grand Rapids MI       Contact:  Patient Support Services (616)685-4444

Newaygo County Parkinson Support Group      Meets the 3rd Tuesday at 3:30 pm      Tamarac Center for Well Being:  1401 W. Main Street, Fremont MI 49412      Contact: Sally Wagoner, RN  (231)924-3073

Support Group Changes:

    Cheboygan Support Group changes time beginning August to 3rd Thuesda at 1pm:  Location the same:  McLaren Northern Michigan 3rd Floor, 140 South Main Street, Cheboygan MI

    Detroit Parkinson Support Group - Contact person is now Joan Blount (313)568-1827


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