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The Messenger - Fall 2011 Issue.

Jeffrey Appel, an attorney, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Parkinson Foundation, specializing in disability benefits law. As a Board member, he has focused on helping individuals with Parkinsons obtain benefits such as Social Security Disability benefits. His goal has been to expedite the process to allow individuals to obtain benefits quickly and more efficiently.

With the assistance of the members of the Michigan Parkinson Foundation Professional Advisory Board, he has created two forms that allow an individual to collaborate with their treating physician in the application process, often avoiding the need for a formal hearing. These forms, designed to be filled out by the treating doctor, are designed to assist the physician in providing the necessary medical information to properly document disability. The Professional Advisory Board has reviewed and approved the use of these forms. They will be available for download at the MPF website (www.parkinsonsmi.org) and include a four page Medical Assessment Form, and a one page Medical Statement regarding the "Listing of Impairments for Parkinsons Disease." Any questions regarding the use of these forms can be directed to Jeffrey Appel's email at friedappel@aol.com.


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